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Accent Health
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Health education company delivering TV programming to inform, engage, and entertain patients in medical waiting rooms. Includes testimonials, guide, recipes archives and videos.

AOL Health
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Offers advice, information and articles about nutrition, diseases, conditions, drugs and fitness. Also includes tools, encyclopedia, resources, news and feedback.

Discovery Health
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Provides information on diseases, treatments, weight loss, fitness, infertility, pregnancy and parenting. Also offers news, videos, recipes, tips, tools, expert advice, support, newsletters and online store.

Everyday Health
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Offers information and news on depression, digestive health, diabetes, cancer, pregnancy, fitness, diabetes, psoriasis and epilepsy. Also includes tools, forum, blogs, photo albums, recipes, brain games, calorie calculator, videos, newsletters, and online store.

NHS Choices
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Providing information and resources on a number of mental and physical health conditions, treatments and healthy living choices. Includes news, hospital comparisons and tools.

The Doctor's Doctor
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Offering information to patients about laboratory tests, surgical pathology, cytology reports and diagnoses. Features news.